Monday, May 3, 2010

3 hours of work, 4 trips to the dumpster, and countless tiny cuts on my hands

...and our storage closet is cleaned out and organized! Woohoo! I believe that will be the extent of my spring cleaning.

We keep all of our CDs and DVDs in wallets/binders. We did have all the cases stored out in the closet. Is there any reason to keep on keeping them? I think not. And we never had use for the collectible booklets that come with the DVDs in the first place. We don't really buy them anymore. Since subscribing to Netflix, we have little reason to own movies. And I switched to mp3s several years ago.

Also going away: old trophies. It's fun to win them and display them for a few months, but eventually, they're just in the way.

So far, we're keeping the yearbooks. I have little use for them, but we're not getting rid of them quite yet.

It seems like such a waste, but what can you do?


  1. ive always thought cds and dvds should have less pacjaging! its a waste of space a resources!

  2. I have used my UMHB yearbooks a lot for reference. Way to go for having a little baby and tackling a project like that!