Friday, August 7, 2009

I won! I won! I won!

I entered a contest online. I didn't expect to win, of course, but the only task for entering was to write a very brief description of a favorite childhood memory. So, I entered.

I forgot about the contest, but then got an email (which seemed fishy at first) saying that I was one of the winners! There were 600 winners, so maybe that's nothing to brag about, but it did come with a prize. All I had to do to collect my prize was to take a chance that the email was real and reply to it with my mailing address. I went for it, and about a week later, look what arrived:

Noah's ark themed sleeper, 2 onesies, pants, little hat, bib, and a surprise teddy bear. It's yellow, so it will be appropriate for a boy or a girl baby (speaking of boy or girl: 4 days till the ultrasound!).
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