Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's a BOY!

We had our big ultrasound this past Tuesday. It was a most wonderful experience.

We got to see major organs and watch the baby squirm, kick, and punch. The Dr. showed us the face, straight on. We could see the eyes, and the little mouth kept opening and closing. He printed us a picture of the open mouth. We saw arms, legs, hands, and feet. We actually got a pretty good picture of a foot with toes!

Then, at the end, the Dr. found us a clear shot to tell the sex, and had me guess what I thought it looked like. I'd been doing my research by looking at ultrasound pictures online, and I was pretty sure it looked like a boy. I was right!

All the ultrasound pictures are in my pregnancy photo album. Here's our little Nathaniel:

The classic profile shot. I think he's cute, even if his head is still too big for his body.

:: chomp chomp chomp ::

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