Friday, July 31, 2009

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I was just looking at reviews for a crib mattress at It's super cheap, and I wanted to see if it was no good or one of those inexpensive things that's acutally going to be useful. I checked the reviews to see if people were saying that it retained its firmness and lasted a significant length of time. Out of 80 reviews, 56 are 5 stars and only 5 reviews are 2 stars or less. And 2 of the 1 & 2 star reviews are low because the mattress isn't soft...aren't you supposed to put infants on firm mattresses? Isn't that the point? I'm going to consider those 5 stars. Now 58-5 star reviews and 3-2 stars and under. That's encouraging.
Anyway, to the point. A sentence in one of the reviews strikes me as absurd: "I even stand in my son's crib almost on a daily basis (to hang his quilt back on the wall, because he rips it down everyday)."
Would you not think, rather than climbing into the crib every day to replace the quilt hanging over it because your child rips it off the wall constantly, it might be better to a) move the quilt to a different wall, or b) don't hang it on the wall anymore? Who, in their right mind, re-hangs a quilt on the wall every single day? She must be crazy! Still, good to know that the mattress withstands constant standing-on by a full grown woman.
As a bonus, here's the greatest review, a 3 star one: "didn't wont it to hard ,, its just right ,,"
This one brings a fun mental image: "It is very bouncy. My baby seemed to like it however. I just worried that he would bounce himself onto his side or belly while asleep." I'm picturing a sleeping infant who spontaneously starts bouncing, kind of like Tigger. I've been around a lot of sleeping infants and have never seen this happen, but maybe those weren't on bouncy mattresses.
With reviews like this, maybe I shouldn't trust other consumers to tell me whether or not a product is good quality.

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