Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last year, when my brother and sister-in-law were expecting, we were introduced to the concept of a babymoon. I really liked the idea: one last chance to go on vacation as a couple before the baby arrives.

Even though we just went on our honeymoon a few months ago, I wanted us to have another child-free (and child care-free) trip together. Rodgers had classes all summer, but has most of the month of August free before the fall semester starts on the 24th. These 3 weeks were really the only opportunity we'd have for more than a weekend trip together.

Before Rodgers convinced me to stay in Brenham/Somerville for our honeymoon, I had been looking at Corpus. It's a fun place: sights to see, beaches, dolphin encounters, seafood, Tex-Mex food, aquarium, the Columbus ship replicas (which set sail from Spain in 1992, 500 years after Columbus did), the USS Lexington. Since we skipped out on all that fun in March, we decided to go for it on the babymoon.

Our babymoon daily schedule was thus: get up moderately early (i.e. around 7:30ish), have some breakfast in the room or go out for breakfast around 8, do something fun (most stuff opens at 9), have lunch, do something else fun for an hour or so, back to the hotel for naptime, dinner, a movie or tv until bedtime.

We had a great time. Saw the USS Lex, the Texas State Aquarium, went to the beach, saw the Pinta and the Santa Maria in drydock at the museum (but the Nina is on the water downtown, so we didn't really see it), and ate some good food. The only thing I kind of wanted to do that we didn't get to do was a dolphin encounter. I've gone on one before. They take you out in a little boat to where the pods of dolphins play, and the dolphins follow the boat around for a while. The sun is hot out there on the water, though, and I wasn't enjoying that hot sun on land, so we skipped that.

Some pictures here.

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