Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 month anniversary

Our 1 month anniversary is tomorrow! Since we both took today off, as a sick day, to take Rodgers to have his medical exam for his green card, we decided to cook a special dinner tonight. It was GREAT!!

After returning from Waco, we were having some donuts at Shipley's, discussing what we want to eat this week, so we could make a grocery list and go to HEB after donuts.

Somehow, I thought about cooking something Kenyan. I remembered seeing a recipe online for samosas, which are sort of fried dumplings. Rodgers said that he had never made them before, but we decided that with our memories of samosas, we could figure out ingredients.

So, we got some won ton wrappers, breakfast sausage, and a bag of peas and carrots. We decided to cook them tonight, in celebration of our 1 month anniversary, since we had lots of time for cooking tonight and won't have tomorrow. Rodgers' assessment of our samosas was perfect: These things are freakin good!!

We put them in a bowl and sat down to watch TV and eat as many as we possibly could.



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  1. Yea we are date twins! Isn't it crazy how quickly the month flew by! Your dinner sounds very yummy, might have to try making that for my hubby one night!