Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If we live in Kenya...

I want to drive a Toyota VITZ. It's basically a hatchback Yaris, and...they come in pink. If we are to buy a car, a 4x4 is probably more practical. Getting around town, we can just use public transportation or walk. It's very easy to do both in Mombasa. And if we are to need a car of our own, it would be for an out-of-town trip, or to take someone to (or pick someone up from) the airport. Or if we wanted to go to the national park for a safari without having to pay the fees for renting a vehicle. So...a subcompact wouldn't be practical at all. They are useful for navigating city traffic because you can squeeze in to tight places, and there are a lot of those. Oh, but I would have to get over my fear of Kenyan traffic before I could drive one there. But the pink VITZ is very cute, see:

I would never want to drive a subcompact in the US, though. Other cars are too much bigger. But Kenya has a lot of tiny cars. Even their 15 passenger vans are small.


  1. I love small cars - even in the U.S.! I actually feel a LOT safer driving here than in Kenya. (In Nairobi, it's not a matter of "if" you get in an accident but "when".

    Hi to Rodgers.

  2. I saw a crash test on Fox News a few weeks ago. Mid-sized sedan in a head on collision with a subcompact. The mid-sized's bumper wound up in the lap of the subcompact crash dummy. I refuse to imagine that tiny car vs a Suburban, or the like. 2 things about Mombasa would comfort me: #1 - there's not much opportunity to drive fast in town; #2 - pretty much every car is tiny. It's not so much that I don't think I'd get in a wreck there, but that I don't think I'd be demolished in a wreck.