Monday, April 27, 2009

disgusting, but i have to share it

A week or so ago, Rodgers mentioned that our bathroom sink wasn't draining well. I had not noticed, but he usually turns the water on full blast and I don't, which I guess is why he noticed the slow drainage first. I figured that, over the past few months that I've lived here, some of my hairs must have fallen into the sink while I've been combing out my hair. I never wash my hair in the sink. I have long hair and lots of it falls out, so it seemed viable. We picked up a jug of 10 Minute Hair Clog Remover. After one treatment, the sink got a little better, but was still slow. At that point I discovered that, though the plug isn't removable, the top flat part of it is. This is the kind of plug it is:

So I unscrewed that part of the plug (the body of it was still in the drain) and saw tons of gunk. Using some long, flat devices, I began to pull the gunk out of the drain. The gunk was enough to make me gag. But, as I pulled it out, I discovered that the gunk was stuck, not to my hair, but to dental floss! Yards and yards of dental floss, cut into single-use lengths. I spent a good 20 minutes pulling dental floss out of the sink drain. So here is a PSA to the previous tenants of this apartment: used dental floss should be thrown in the garbage, not rinsed down the sink drain. I'm going to go throw up now.


  1. I was inspired to dig around in my own and gunky. But it was nothing compared to the time I cleaned out the drain in my shower on the ship...pretty sure that thing hadn't been cleaned out for years. It took about an hour before i finally ran out of blackened hair slime. Mmmm boy.

  2. Ugh. There's got to be a better way.