Sunday, August 10, 2008

cake topper

I had always wanted a traditional looking cake topper, one that the couple looked somewhat like myself and my groom. I searched the entire internet, looking for one that matched Rodgers and I. I found 2 that had mix 'n' match interracial couples. One, the black guy was close enough to Rod, but the white girl had very dark hair. The other one I found had a blondish white girl, and 2 black guys - with and without hair. They were dancing. I like some of the cute poses, but nothing too cheesy. I felt like the dancing was too cheesy and unnatural.

One that I really liked had the couple sitting as if on the edge of a dock with their feet in the water (he had his pants rolled up and her dress was pulled up a bit so as not to get wet). It came in black or white, but I would have had to buy both and break them apart and use the correct ones for us. They wouldn't mix 'n' match for me.

In the end I found this crystal one on ebay for $10, with a matching cake server.

It's about 6 inches tall, and hollow in the center, to decrease the weight. We'll have to have a good platform on the cake to support the weight, still.

They're embracing. She's holding a bouquet of roses.

The server has roses on the handle, which match the roses in the bouquet.

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