Thursday, September 15, 2011

in the meantime

I am writing this post in advance, scheduling it to be published tomorrow, September 15.

Today is the day! BB should be born any minute now. I will be publishing his beautiful baby pics as soon as I care about my blog again, but in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here is a slideshow of my growing baby belly, which should be (mostly) gone by the time you're reading this. :)

From 12-18 weeks, I was excited enough to be taking pictures weekly. From 20-34 weeks, I was tired, lost enthusiasm, and only took pictures every other week. The last month, I took pictures weekly again because I was growing exponentially...

And a comparison: (left) the night before Nate was born, 41 weeks; (right) the night before BB will be born, 39 weeks.


  1. good luck! I cant wait to see pics, and I hope your recovery goes SUPER smoothly (you deserve it after last time!).

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!! Other than you belly, you don't gain any weight or puffiness!! How nice :>) May the Lord give you much peace and strength during the next few my prayers!! Much love ~ alice

  3. He has arrived! 12:03 p.m.