Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Benjamin Richard
We checked in last Thursday morning at 7:30 for the c-section. They took us back a few minutes before 9 and told us that we'd been bumped, as had the first scheduled c-section of the day, due to emergencies early that morning. Nurses came in and out of the room, gradually getting me prepped. Around 11:40 or so, they took me to the OR.

Rodgers had to stay in the recovery room until we were ready to go. It was 11:53 when we started, and Ben was born at 12:03. There was a bit of excitement as Ben tried to swim away from the Dr when she was delivering him. It was a completely relaxed, uncomplicated c-section. I had a spinal, but could feel movement and pressure. I did feel Ben trying to climb inside my ribcage.

When Ben was born, the Dr told us that he was still a boy and that he was awake, alert, and looking around. I imagine they were sucking fluid from his mouth and nose with a bulb syringe like they did with Nate. Then, he started crying, and I did, too.

They brought him around for me to see, then carried him off to clean up and get checked out. Rodgers made sure I was ok, then went with them. When they had Ben wrapped up, they gave him to Rodgers, and he brought him to me and laid him down on the table with me. Another 30 minutes, and we were back in the recovery room. I got to hold Ben as we transferred.

No one was expecting him to be small. Ben was 7 lbs 8 oz at birth, and 19" long (though I was sure I heard them say 19.5", and that's what I told everyone the first day). He's 1 oz shy of a full 2 lbs smaller than Nate was at birth. He is so tiny! He is long, but super skinny. Our NB clothes are way baggy on him. I am glad that we went ahead and got some NB clothes (some hand-me-downs and some new), despite expecting him to be close to Nate's size and not needing them much.

Here are Rodgers' pics from birthday.

Nate is adjusting to having a baby brother. He likes to love on Ben when Ben is upset. But if Ben is happy, and we are paying attention to him (i.e. feeding him), Nate gets very jealous.

My recovery is easier than I expected. Ben is eating well and sleeping well (for a newborn). He doesn't sleep well at the right times of the day for us to sleep well, but we are coping with that. Nate had us well prepared due to his recent sleep regression (which really has been better). Today, Ben's been waking up to eat every couple of hours, but is otherwise passed out, except for a brief time this morning when he got a sponge bath (in the kitchen of course).


  1. Congratulations!!! I have been wondering how it went! He is so handsome, and I love his name!

  2. Congratulations! He's beautiful. I'm glad all went well.

  3. Congratulations, he is beautiful! And I LOVE the picture of Nate snuggling on Ben, so adorable! You have beautiful boys!

  4. Yay! He is perfect!!! So happy he is here!