Tuesday, June 21, 2011

going to the bathroom alone is overrated

Alternate title: why I like peeing with the door open
Disclaimer: with a title like that, I think you know what this post is about...

Nate takes Black Monkey to daycare with him. The black one has had the voicebox removed. He leaves Orange Monkey at home. The first thing he does when we get home is look for Orange Monkey. He is inevitably carrying Black Monkey, snuggled on his shoulder, when we walk through the door.

While he looked for Orange Monkey this afternoon (saying, "wheresit?") I went to the bathroom.

I'm pregnant. I pee every 30 minutes.

Nate found Orange Monkey and joined me in the bathroom before I was finished. He crawled up in my lap, holding one Monkey in each hand, and snuggled his face into my chest. I hugged him, and we just sat there cuddling for a few minutes (but not quite long enough for me to need to go again).

Is it weird to cuddle someone while you're peeing? I think probably yes. But, of the squillion times I peed today, that one was the best!

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