Sunday, July 3, 2011

pregnancy update

How Far Along 28 weeks 3 days
How Big is Baby over 2 lbs and almost 15 inches long
Total Weight Gain 18 lbs
Sleep I have had some trouble sleeping - waking up in the middle of the night super hungry, waking up just to be alert, getting charlie horses in my legs. It doesn't happen every night, but enough. Dr said I should start taking Benadryl.
Best Moment this Week Sorted through and washed NB and 0-3 clothes. I chose outfits to take to the hospital with us. The 0-3 outfit is the one Nate wore in his announcement pictures, but since he was born in January, that's really the only time it was worn. The NB is a new onesie we bought that has Sesame Street characters on it. We thought Nate would love to see Baby Brother in an Elmo shirt.

Movement This kid is active. It's starting to hurt now. He also gets the hiccups several times a day.
Food Cravings I craved sweets this week, then had my glucose test on Thursday and failed. Ooops. I have the 3 hour glucose test on Tuesday, and I'm trying to be good this weekend.
Belly Button It's huge and fairly flat
Labor Signs I have about 5 contractions per day, not painful, and not in sequence. Dr says that actually even though I drink water all day long, I'm probably dehydrated because it's been so freaking hot.
What I Miss I am preemptively missing having a carefree diet, bracing myself for being put on a gestational diabetes diet.
What I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Nate with Baby Brother
Weekly Wisdom I should always tell Rodgers when I'm feeling irrationally emotional. He's very good at making me feel better. He has the gift of encouragement, you know.
Milestones I am now in the third trimester. Wahoo! Now I have Dr appts every 2 weeks instead of every 4. Plus the extra glucose test, plus Nate's 18 month checkup = I actually have appts every week in July.

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  1. Your children will rise up and call you "Blessed."