Saturday, June 4, 2011

updates all around

Nate started daycare this week. It's rough because he doesn't know them, he's not used to their schedule, etc... Tuesday (his first day), they said he cried all day long. Each day got progressively better, though. Today, they told me he was upset at first, but after lunch (he arrives right before lunch) he was happy and played a lot. By the time I got there to pick him up, he was crying, but he usually is grumpy around 5ish even when he's at home - he's getting hungry for supper. The teacher said he had only been crying a few minutes.

Rodgers is consumed with thoughts and plans for Full Life. We officially have the address: We're working on scheduling times to speak in churches, Bible studies, or anywhere, really. I'm doing a horrible job of keeping the blog updated. Just about every day, Rodgers scours the internet, looking at rent houses (we'll be renting when we first get to Kenya next year) and land.

Baby Brother and I are doing better than ever. I haven't puked since Tuesday! It's amazing. I hardly know what to do with myself. I saw the Dr on Wednesday. She said that I am "allowed" to gain 40 lbs, since I started out so light. Well, considering I was 10 lbs heavier at the start of this pregnancy than my first, and my first Dr was always getting on to me about my weight gain, I was quite pleasantly surprised. I am feeling better than I have ever felt while pregnant. With Nate, I remember feeling generally horrible most of the time. Not so much this time. If not for the dance party in my tummy, I would almost feel normal. I have very much been enjoying Alphamom's pregnancy calendar, especially since the author wrote it during her second pregnancy.

The stats, etc:
How Far Along 24 weeks 2 days
How Big is Baby just over 1 lb and about 1 foot long
Total Weight Gain 15 lbs (I'm quite pleased and surprised by this)
Sleep I'm still sleeping well, just having trouble going to bed on time because I get so wired at night.
Best Moment this Week We watched a movie yesterday. Baby Brother was a swirling vortex of activity throughout the entire movie. He's still small enough that it doesn't hurt yet, so it was super fun.
Movement Um...see above. This kid is active, like his big brother.
Food Cravings I'm at that point now, where any food mentioned automatically becomes my craving. I rarely have an original craving.
Belly Button flatter, bigger around. It's now what a call a castle-and-moat belly button.
What I Miss I miss my former agility. Bending over, getting out of chairs, all of these kind of things are getting more difficult. Also, I miss my feet not hurting.
What I'm Looking Forward To Since we live in a 2 bedroom apartment, Baby Brother will stay in our bedroom until he's sleeping well enough to not disturb Nate, then they'll share. This very well could mean that he's staying in our room until sometime after we move to Kenya, depending on what kind of a sleeper he is. Anyway, I got a closet hangy organizer thingy and have started putting our (3) NB outfits and (many) 0-3 outfits in it in our closet. Now I'm really looking forward to dressing this baby.
Weekly Wisdom Watermelon is a diuretic. Summer heat during pregnancy can cause swelling. Watermelon can reduce this. Is it a coincidence that watermelons are abundant in the summer?
Milestones 24 weeks means Baby Brother is now a viable fetus. This is a major developmental milestone. His chances for survival (with extensive medical intervention) outside the womb have more than doubled in the past week. I always feel like I have to put a disclaimer when I say things like this, such as: I'm not trying to have a micro-preemie. I don't want him to be born early. I'm simply acknowledging the milestone. :)

My belly:

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  1. So am I having your 'cravings?' I was thinking chocolate; you mention watermelon. Now ... I want both!