Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what?! another mouse?!

So we thought we were done with the mice. I plugged up all the mouse holes and extra space around plumbing with steel wool. I occasionally hear them in the wall, but they don't pull out the steel wool. It has been a long, long time since we saw any, and that was the day that I plugged up the holes.
Rodgers mentioned this morning at breakfast that yesterday he thought he saw something scamper across the floor and under the oven, but he might have been imagining things. I asked if he looked behind the drawer under the oven to see if the mouse hole back there was still plugged up. He hadn't. So, he pulled out the drawer, and laid down in the floor to see. The steel wool is still plugging the hole, but they chewed a bigger hole!
I suggested getting one of the other mousetraps we have left and putting it right under that hole. To the right of the stove are 4 narrow drawers. We only use the top 3. The last time we found mice, there were little poops in every one of those drawers (but, oddly, none in the drawers where we keep food). So, I put a trap in the bottom drawer, with some fragrant peanut butter in the middle of it. I check it every so often, but it never catches anything. Also, there have been no more poops in the other drawers. He went to get that trap to put behind the under-the-oven drawer. As he reached in to pick it up, he abruptly withdrew his hand, as we heard, "EEK! EEK! EEK!"
I had been sitting at the table, finishing a cup of coffee while this was going on. I very nearly fell out of the chair laughing at Rodgers so hard. I've never seen anything make him jump like that. I mean, this man plays with all kinds of creepy crawly things (but nothing that slithers).
We still have 2 traps left. One is still in a bathroom and one is now behind the under-the-oven drawer. I wonder if we could just pour poison down the wall. Or maybe we should get a cat.

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