Thursday, November 12, 2009

32 weeks

A lot has changed in the past 2-3 weeks since my last belly picture!

How Far Along
32 weeks
How Big is Baby 16.75" long, 3.75 lbs is average for 32 weeks. The nurse who measured me yesterday said he may not be bigger than he should be, but he's definitely not on the small side at all.
Total Weight Gain 30 lbs.
Stretch Marks Despite Halloween candy and Thanksmas treats, I think they're the same.
Sleep It took me so long to fall asleep last night. Then, I dreamed about The Godfather, since we had just finished watching it before bed. It was interesting.
Best Moment this Week It was when the nurse practitioner told me that I am "the picture of health in pregnancy"
Movement He's a very energetic guy. Not many kicks today, he's mostly been sticking his butt out under my ribs. And hiccupping. A lot of hiccups.
Food Cravings Froot Loops. But as I was eating them, I was kind of wishing they had marshmallows in them.
Labor Signs None yet.
Belly Button Most definitely out today.
What I miss Buying cute shoes at Payless. I stopped by Tuesday after work and none of the shoes fit me. I need an 8W now, but I couldn't find any wides. Then, I tried on some 8.5s, and they were wide enough, but way too long. Looks like I'll be sticking with my 2 pairs of "maternity shoes" that I bought a few weeks ago.
What I'm looking forward to Baby shower a week from Saturday!!
Weekly Wisdom 1 Zantac in the am and 1 before dinner makes for a happier tummy
Milestones Nathanael should have fingernails and toenails now!

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