Thursday, November 5, 2009

31 weeks

How Far Along 30 weeks 6 days
How Big is Baby 16" long, 3.3 lbs
Total Weight Gain Up 28 lbs total as of Tuesday last week
Stretch Marks I keep getting more and more on my thighs, but the belly is still stretchy-free
Sleep Getting worse at this all the time. If I take no sleep aid, I wake up hourly or more frequently. If I take something, I sleep for about 3 or 4 hours straight, then wake up hourly after that. If I take another dose when I wake up, there's no hope of getting up in the morning.
Best Moment this Week I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I'm not sure anything this week will be better than that! We're celebrating Thanksmas with the Atkinson Jrs, since Trey and Amy will be in Mississippi for Thanksgiving, Claire and Matt should have a newborn at Christmas, and Rodgers and I won't be traveling at Christmas.
Movement The nurse practitioner had me start doing movement counts. Even on his mellow days, Nate moves way more than he needs to to pass the movement count (10 movements in 2 hours)
Food Cravings Today, I just wanted tacos. So I got 2 tacos for 99 cents at Jack in the Box, and my sandwich that I brought for lunch is still here in the office fridge. Maybe I'll eat it tomorrow.
Labor Signs None yet.
Belly Button It's more and more out, but still has a mote
What I miss Belly sleeping. With the body pillow I can sleep kind of halfway between side and belly. But I can't stay that way for very long.
What I'm looking forward to Thanksmas!!
Weekly Wisdom There can be good things about morning insomnia - like being up early enough to see a mouse scare the crap out of Rodgers!
Milestones We started childbirth classes! The first week, we talked about some of our fears and anxieties, anatomy of a pregnant woman, and watched a video that I don't remember. This week (week 2) we talked a lot more about actual labor, some of the devices that mom or baby could be hooked up to, breathing techniques for surviving contractions, and watched a video of a natural birth and one of an epidural birth. I was afraid that watching the births and seeing the epidural put in would freak me out, but I kept my eyes open through the whole video and didn't get freaked out at all. I'm very proud. Gold star for me. 2 more weeks to go. Next Monday is the much-anticipated tour of Labor and Delivery.

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