Monday, October 1, 2007


For several years now, I've been into classifying words.

The first class I came up with was fake words. There are certain words that don't sound like they should actually be real words. They are in common usage and in the dictionary. I know they are words, but they sound like they shouldn't be. So I call them fake words. Examples of fake words: platoon, doily, dandruff. The more you say them, the more fake they sound.

There are also words which I just don't like the sound of. These are words that are real enough, but the sound of them makes me cringe. I erase them from memory because to remember these words would empower them. But, for the sake of example, a certain friend of mine can't stand the sound of the word refurbish.

A few weeks ago, I established a new class. I haven't come up with a good description of these words. And actually, at the moment there is only one word in this class. I was listening to Christian radio - Adventures in Odyssey. This guy was talking about how God "guided" him. "Guided" sounds wrong to me. Guide rhymes with slide. The past tense of slide isn't "slided." It's "slid." So, I believe that in a perfect world the past tense of guide would be "guid."


  1. Other words to add:
    Plural of moose is meese
    house is hice (mouse/mice)
    I'm working on what to call these.

  2. what about bungalow? is that even how you spell it?

  3. bungalow is definitely fake. plus, it makes me giggle.

  4. i have ALWAYS felt very strongly about teach/taught and preach/preached. it should be praught!! teach/taught, preach/praught. it certainly cannot be "teached"...because that is just silly.

  5. i concur. preached should not be in use.