Friday, October 19, 2007

maybe my mind is melting

I'm having problems with the sound of lots of words now. I heard someone say "guided" about half an hour ago. And now, I've been thinking:

What's up with flowed, showed, glowed... It sounds weird to me. Alternatively, it could be flew, shew, and glew. But that really wouldn't work. Flew is the past tense of fly; shoe is what you wear on your feet; and glue is what you make out of old horses.

I start work on Monday. Then I won't have so much time to think about words. But, I also won't be writing in my blog much.

I just thought "Hypothetically I won't be writing in my blog much anymore." Because I might write sometime. I can no longer think of the word "hypothetical" without thinking of the "hypothetical dog." I know at least one of you should remember that...


  1. this conversation sounds vaguely very refreshing.

  2. holy cow, i just saw the word 'hypothetically' and immediately, HYPOTHETICAL DOG! haha. thats grand.

  3. The hypothetical dog has hypothetical fur :-)


  4. I love you
    My brain is melting too