Wednesday, October 31, 2007

just for cat because she complained

On Saturday, my very special someone took me out on a historic tour of Independence, Texas. As you may know, Independence was the original location of the oldest university in the state, chartered by the Republic of Texas in 1845. A school which is now Baylor University and, more importantly, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

There are two main clusters of historic sites in Independence. The first cluster we toured is centered around Baylor Female College on Academy Hill. There stands the ruins of the kitchen/dining hall of Baylor Female College and 4 columns and an archway which were the entrance to the main building. There are also some "early Texas homes" which are log cabin type houses. Sam Houston's birthplace is there, along with the site of his old house (of which only the spring house is standing).

We got into the car to go to the second cluster, and it felt like there was something in the seat, so I got up and looked, but nothing was actually there. So I figured I either had something in my back pocket or I was going crazy. I thought nothing of it.

The second cluster includes Independence Baptist Church, Texas Baptist History Museum (or something like that, we didn't go into it, I don't know if it was open), Mrs. Sam Houston's house, old town square, more historic homes, and Baylor College on Windmill Hill, where the boys went to school. There is a nice park on Windmill Hill. A walking path, picnic tables, historic things, Judge Baylor's original grave site (as we know, his remains are now on the UMHB campus), crabapples, a write up of the history of Baylor University (pro-Ecclesia, pro-Texana).

As we were getting into the car to return to Brenham, I felt the same thing as before, but 5 times more strongly. I reached back to feel under me, and put my hand into a 6 inch gaping hole in the butt of my jeans. I guess it had ripped a little the first time and ripped completely then. I was wearing a poncho which covers my butt a little, so it wouldn't have been noticeable. But with a 6 inch gash, my whole butt was showing. Rodgers said I'd be ok because a girl in one of his classes always wears jeans that are ripped at the butt. I don't really think that's my style, though.


  1. he just wanted to see your butt. but really, who could blame him ;)

  2. heh...from now on, you will be rachel the ripped-butt. it's not as good a mobster name as mine, but it'll do.