Thursday, September 27, 2007

simpsonize me!

This morning, rather than doing something constructive with my time, I spent a while just surfing the 'net. While online, I discovered "Simpsonize me," which is a super-cool website. You upload a photo of your face, and then it creates a cartoon version of you in the style of "The Simpsons" animation. You can then make a few adjustments to it, as it isn't 100% accurate. It's very fun. I highly recommend it.

As I was experimenting more with this site, I found a skin tone that is much closer to mine. And some hair that I like better. :)


  1. My simpsonized picture looks like a dork. Am I a DORK???

  2. well...the mustache and glasses combo make you look like Flanders, who IS a dork. but i wouldn't call you a dork...