Monday, March 29, 2010

housekeeping: comments

Something funky went wrong with the blog. I had to reset some widget or something (thank you Google). Anyhow, I think the comment function is working again. Hopefully.

Nate talks!

He says things like "boo," "goo," and "kkkkkkk."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

old navy ftw!

We were in Killeen today to visit our friends' newest daughter (she's 1 month old). On our way home, we stopped at Old Navy to buy some khaki pants that will go with Nate's vest for his dedication (which has been scheduled for April 18).

While we were there, we saw this!

Which he will wear for Easter. And he can wear the cute plaid romper the day before Easter. I love the embroidery on the shirt!

So now we know. I can only buy clothes for my son at Old Navy. To be fair, Kohl's does have boy clothes in stock, just nothing suitable for Easter or dedication besides a 3 piece set that is a vest, shirt, and pants. Since we already had the shirt and vest, I only wanted to buy pants. These ON pants were $8 (sale!). The K's outfit was $30. No sense in buying a $30 outfit when all I want is the pants, which I can get for $8!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

another misadventure

We have 2 events that I want Nate to be dressed particularly cute for: Easter and baby dedication. He has a sweater vest and button shirt combo that he can wear for the dedication (it's not very Eastery, but kind of churchy), but no pants to go with it.
In Temple, there's a mall, but the department stores that I've shopped in haven't carried clothes in sizes smaller than 12 months. That leaves us WalMart and Target. They have huge selections online, but the stores don't carry so much. I'd rather buy in the store because with online shopping, you have to pay shipping and wait for it to arrive. I figured that, with Easter around the corner, the stores would be full of cute, slightly dressy clothes for kids. And they are. Just not for my kid.
At Target, there were about 4 racks completely full of dresses in sizes from Preemie to 12 mos (P-12). Another 2 or 3 racks had girl clothes on 3 sides and boy P-12 on 1 side. These boy clothes were sleepers or T-shirts and shorts. Nothing Easter worthy. There were tons of 3 piece suits and sweater/shirt/pants sets for 12 mos to 5T.
This would have been great for Easter, but they didn't have it:
Or even this. And I could get him some little slacks. But they didn't have it or slacks.
The most dressed up thing they had for boys under 12 mos was this. We bought it because it is quite cute, but I'm still looking for something better.
Then I went to WalMart. I wandered around the whole freaking baby clothes department. There were jeans (which I did buy) and overalls for boys in P-12. Two shelves of a 4 shelf unit had Garanimals shirts and pants which seemed to have had been boys P-12, but only had a couple of shirts and pants left. At least 5 racks were filled with girls P-12, plus the other 2 shelves of the unit that had some boy clothes and another 4 shelves next to it. There were equal amounts of girl and boy clothes in 12 mos and up. The racks of girls clothes were completely full, as if no one had bought anything since they'd been stocked. The 2 shelves of boy clothes were almost completely empty.
Do they think that boys are born weighing over 20 lbs? Do they think that boys wear girls' clothes for the first year of their lives? Do they think that their customers only have girl babies? Obviously, if you look at what people are buying, there is a demand for baby boy clothes! There are baby boy clothes on their websites, so I know they make them and sell them. Why do they not stock them? I hate them. I hate them all.
Old Navy stocks baby boy clothes. It's along my commute route. But, in order to stop by on my way home, I will be late picking Nate up from daycare, incurring a $5 per minute fine. Must.Get.Off.Early. Before Easter.

Friday, March 19, 2010

just what i always wanted

Looks like I'll need to visit Singapore again.

After renovations, Eric Saw plans to have the ship accessible to the public, but from a fixed berth. Even though the ship has avoided the scrap yard once again, it does now seem that her sailing days are over. The plans include an exhibit on board telling the story of the ship’s remarkable history and roles as an onion carrier, coastguard vessel, migrant ship, first-class cruise liner and most recently, floating book fair and home to an all-volunteer international Christian community of over 300 people from around 50 countries.

“Subject to approval by the various authorities, we would like to have themed restaurants and caf├ęs, a bookshop and a banquet room for seminars, conferences and weddings,” said Eric Saw. “We also plan to have the ship play a role as a maritime museum with conducted tours. From a Christian perspective, we hope to host a small Bible School for lay persons which we hope to eventually establish on board. It will essentially have non-certification courses that busy lay persons can attend to grow in their Christian walk. One thing we will strive to achieve is to continue with the wonderful culture that has been so evident whenever someone comes on board the Doulos—a culture of love, friendship, and fellowship. This will be a hard act to follow!”

blogging take 2

That blogging session ended abruptly when someone woke up from a nap, starving. Let's try again and see if I can get anything of substance in this time...

I started this blog as a wedding planning blog, before Rodgers even proposed to me. He told his church in Kenya in June 2008 that he was going to marry me. We wanted to get married over spring break, but he didn't want to propose and make it official until I had a job in the Temple area that could support us both, since he was still in school. Anticipating a short engagement, I bought my wedding dress on ebay (for $35) in August, and started planning.

This past Sunday was our 1 year anniversary. During our honeymoon, I imagined us returning to our honeymoon cottage on our first anniversary. But the need to find someone to keep Nate meant we went to the coast for our anniversary. Mom was happy to keep him for 24ish hours so that Rodgers and I could celebrate our anniversary in style.

We did nothing too exciting: went to the mall, got coffee, saw a movie (Alice in Wonderland in 3D), drove down to Surfside but didn't even get out of the car, ate at Red Lobster (including dessert), and just hung out in our hotel room. Rodgers crashed before SNL came on - he doesn't even remember me turning out the light - and I was not long behind him.

We stopped in Brenham on our way home to introduce Nate to Pam. I thought she was going to hold him all night!

oh there you are!

So working and having a baby to distract you at home = no blogging.

I do not like being a working mom, but it's not so bad. The first day was the worst, but after that, I've gotten into the routine and am getting used to it. Nate's just getting cuter and more charming every day. I hate missing all those smiles!

He's now 13 lbs and 23.5" long. At birth, he was in the 90th percentile, now he's 75-85th. Still a big boy. Check him out!