Friday, March 19, 2010

just what i always wanted

Looks like I'll need to visit Singapore again.

After renovations, Eric Saw plans to have the ship accessible to the public, but from a fixed berth. Even though the ship has avoided the scrap yard once again, it does now seem that her sailing days are over. The plans include an exhibit on board telling the story of the ship’s remarkable history and roles as an onion carrier, coastguard vessel, migrant ship, first-class cruise liner and most recently, floating book fair and home to an all-volunteer international Christian community of over 300 people from around 50 countries.

“Subject to approval by the various authorities, we would like to have themed restaurants and caf├ęs, a bookshop and a banquet room for seminars, conferences and weddings,” said Eric Saw. “We also plan to have the ship play a role as a maritime museum with conducted tours. From a Christian perspective, we hope to host a small Bible School for lay persons which we hope to eventually establish on board. It will essentially have non-certification courses that busy lay persons can attend to grow in their Christian walk. One thing we will strive to achieve is to continue with the wonderful culture that has been so evident whenever someone comes on board the Doulos—a culture of love, friendship, and fellowship. This will be a hard act to follow!”

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