Sunday, March 28, 2010

old navy ftw!

We were in Killeen today to visit our friends' newest daughter (she's 1 month old). On our way home, we stopped at Old Navy to buy some khaki pants that will go with Nate's vest for his dedication (which has been scheduled for April 18).

While we were there, we saw this!

Which he will wear for Easter. And he can wear the cute plaid romper the day before Easter. I love the embroidery on the shirt!

So now we know. I can only buy clothes for my son at Old Navy. To be fair, Kohl's does have boy clothes in stock, just nothing suitable for Easter or dedication besides a 3 piece set that is a vest, shirt, and pants. Since we already had the shirt and vest, I only wanted to buy pants. These ON pants were $8 (sale!). The K's outfit was $30. No sense in buying a $30 outfit when all I want is the pants, which I can get for $8!

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