Friday, March 19, 2010

blogging take 2

That blogging session ended abruptly when someone woke up from a nap, starving. Let's try again and see if I can get anything of substance in this time...

I started this blog as a wedding planning blog, before Rodgers even proposed to me. He told his church in Kenya in June 2008 that he was going to marry me. We wanted to get married over spring break, but he didn't want to propose and make it official until I had a job in the Temple area that could support us both, since he was still in school. Anticipating a short engagement, I bought my wedding dress on ebay (for $35) in August, and started planning.

This past Sunday was our 1 year anniversary. During our honeymoon, I imagined us returning to our honeymoon cottage on our first anniversary. But the need to find someone to keep Nate meant we went to the coast for our anniversary. Mom was happy to keep him for 24ish hours so that Rodgers and I could celebrate our anniversary in style.

We did nothing too exciting: went to the mall, got coffee, saw a movie (Alice in Wonderland in 3D), drove down to Surfside but didn't even get out of the car, ate at Red Lobster (including dessert), and just hung out in our hotel room. Rodgers crashed before SNL came on - he doesn't even remember me turning out the light - and I was not long behind him.

We stopped in Brenham on our way home to introduce Nate to Pam. I thought she was going to hold him all night!

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