Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow day

While I was up early this morning with Nate, I heard sleet hitting the windows. Around 8ish, I realized that there was no more sleet sound. I opened the blinds and saw snow falling! Rodgers got up a few minutes later, groggy, and I told him to look outside. He was kind of like a child. Suddenly, he was dressed (over his pjs) and outside, playing in the snow, which was only barely starting to accumulate. What we learn in TX is: snow rarely accumulates, so play in it while you can! This is now the most snow I've ever seen accumulated here, and it's the longest I've ever seen it snow. It's 3 pm and still coming down in big clusters.

The schools closed early, so Rodgers didn't have to go to work. He stayed home with Nate and me, and played in the snow.

We have a warm pram for Nate to wear in the cold, but his face was still cold when we took him out in the snow. He didn't stay out very long. But he got to play with Dad inside, too:

The snowman Rodgers built early, using snow that was on our cars because that's the only place it was sticking at first:

Taking Nate out in the snow, after some had accumulated (he also went out early when it was just on the cars):

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