Monday, February 8, 2010

nate smiles

First things first, the previous link to my Nathanael photo album no longer works because I changed the name of the album. This is the correct link. Update your bookmarks.

Previously, I've mentioned Nate smiling at me, as opposed to just smiling spontaneously in his sleep. I had my camera out this morning when he was in a happy mood. I was just trying to get some funny face pictures, but then, he started smiling. His smiles are too fast for my camera though, I missed a lot of them. But Rodgers sat with me next to Nate's bouncy chair, and we both cooed and made interesting noises at Nate so that he would smile more. The result:

The end of a smile. Not what I was hoping to get a picture of, but freaking cute!

The best one. I love it!!

We've been getting our final statements from the insurance company for our hospital bills. I am amazed at how much it costs! I pulled out all the statements from the original pregnancy test until now, and added them up. Our insurance company covers "100%" of maternity bills, up to baby's 2 month Dr visit. They didn't cover all my labwork, which was done because I was pregnant; neither did they pay for the ER visit, which happened because of the meds I was on for morning sickness, thus also being pregnancy related. But whatever. The total amount the hospital billed for the whole pregnancy was nearly $16,000. We paid less than $400 for the ER and some labs. (Of course, the insurance has their discount, so they only paid $8500, and the rest was just not covered.) A-mazing. I can't imagine having a baby without insurance.

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