Sunday, January 10, 2010

life after the due date

I was reading today that, technically, "past due" is after 42 weeks of pregnancy. From what I've heard, no doctors let women be pregnant that long. They induce, at the latest, at 42 weeks. My doctor induces at 41-41.5 weeks, unless the due date isn't firm, then at 42 weeks. Fortunately, my due date is firm, so I won't have to wait till 42 weeks. Yay!!!

In the meantime, lots of people have given me ideas for getting the process going. There are lots of old wives' tales and such which tell tricks for starting labor. We're trying some of them, especially the ones that call for eating certain things. In the past week, my insatiable appetite has returned. We've walked a lot as well. So far, nothing.

This baby is entirely too comfortable in there. He's still just kicking, punching, stretching, rolling, sticking his butt out, and enjoying his own little world. Not for long, baby boy. Not for long.

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