Sunday, January 3, 2010

39 weeks

How Far Along 39 weeks 3 days
How Big is Baby 20" long, 7+ lbs is average for 39 weeks.
Total Weight Gain 40 lbs even
Stretch Marks I stopped putting lotion on them. I just don't care anymore.
Sleep Still very poorly, but the past few nights have been a tiny bit better, more like when I first started having the insomnia. I tried to take a nap yesterday. Laid down for over an hour and slept all of 6 or 7 minutes.
Best Moment this Week Just getting through the week! Now I have only 5 days (or less) of work left.
Movement I've been feeling more movement down low. Also, I haven't been getting heartburn and rib pain as much, so I'm hoping that means he's dropping.
Food Cravings dark chocolate
Labor Signs Lots of contractions (they went on all day Thursday, about 30ish minutes apart, but not so often since then), and I'm dilated 1 cm.
Belly Button No change
What I Miss TMI, but having a satisfying BM.
What I'm Looking Forward To The same as last week: not being pregnant anymore. Soon (er) (ish).
Weekly Wisdom I thought of something really great a few days ago, but don't remember it anymore.
Milestones Counting down to the due date on one hand!

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