Friday, October 16, 2009


We order from Papa John's about once a month. Since I order online, they email me coupons every week. When we get a large 3-topping for $10.99 (or large 7-topping, with a 2-liter drink for $11.99) coupon, that means it's Pizza/Movie Night at the Kahindi house. And we have Netflix, so there are always movies to watch.
Usually, we order the pizza, then start the movie so that we don't notice having to wait for the food. Mostly, it's so I don't notice because as soon as I see the Papa John's website, my stomach starts growling. I get into the movie, and the next thing I know, it's pizza time!
Two weeks ago, we were so into the movie we were watching that we didn't notice our pizza was late. They don't have one of those "under 30 minutes or it's free" policies, anyway, so I never pay much attention to how long it takes. If we had noticed, all that we could have done would be to get annoyed. The next afternoon, I had a voicemail from Papa John's (not Papa himself, though, it was a woman), apologizing for our pizza being late. I thought that was very nice of them, but that was the first I knew our pizza was late. Then, on Wednesday this week, we got a coupon in the mailbox for a FREE pizza. Not one of those "buy one XL 7-topping pizza, get a medium cheese pizza free" ones either. It's a free large 2-topping, without having to make an actual purchase.
Papa John's values the Kahindis. Pizza/Movie Night will come twice in October. Woohoo!

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