Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We're planning on having our nursery in African animal prints. Mom's got some patterns to make bedding/storage/other stuff for the nursery in our theme. But, we won't do it like this. [I'm emailing this post in, so we'll see if the picture actually shows up...] Change the red to a slightly more subtle color, and don't cover the walls in animal print. Then it might be bearable. I like the trees with the monkey and the swinging elephant in them - those are cute. The giraffe print hat box is a keeper. But what is that in the lower right hand corner?

We're accenting animal print in beiges and turquoise. It is a bright turquoise, but used somewhat minimally, and it doesn't burn the retinas like that red does. Our walls will remain white, with some animal pictures on them.

I can't stop looking at the picture! Its hideousness draws me in. This is a prime example of what shows like Trading Spaces are doing to the average homeowner. Everyone thinks they're an interior designer.

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