Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day again

I just read my post from last V-Day. This year is much different!

Last year, at V-Day, we set a new record for "consecutive days together," which was 4. We broke that record in June, with 13 days, when I went to Kenya to visit Rodgers.

When I first moved to Temple, after I started working, we weren't breaking that record. Rodgers had a Monday night class, so we would see each other 6 days a week, which was amazing and wonderful, but I'm into breaking records. I think (though I haven't really kept accurate count) that our new record is 52 days! Unbelievable!

We don't have big plans for V-Day, but we do have small ones. Too bad it's about 10 degrees cooler than it was supposed to be today. I really, really wanted to see the new Friday the 13th last night, since it was Friday the 13th. It made sense to me. But, our Sunday School class decided that it was the best time to have a social. It was fun, and worth putting off the movie. I still want to see it, and it is the kind of movie that I used to always watch on V-Days pre-Rodgers. So, I think we'll go this afternoon. Then, we're getting a bucket o' chicken from KFC and going to our favorite spot at Stillhouse Hollow Dam, which we call the Dam Park. I was hoping for a high of 70, but it will be more like 55. Good weather for cuddling...

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