Saturday, February 14, 2009

card box

And one more thing.

I was at Card & Party Factory today, looking to see if they have an aisle runner that's better than the one I found at WalMart. They do have one of similar material, that's a couple of dollars cheaper, but it's also 70 feet shorter. WalMart it is then!

Anyway, I saw a card box there - you know, a big box with a slit in the top for people to drop cards in. It makes it easier to collect and transport them. I thought, We should have a card box to put on the gift table. I almost bought it. Then, I saw this table cloth ("cloth" - actually it's paper) that was African animal print. I realized then that I really wanted an animal print card box. Then I remembered that we had gotten a wedding gift in a box that had a slit in the top for a handle. The only conclusion was to buy that table cloth and cover my big, already slitted box with it. I did have to cut another slit in it because the first one isn't as long as most cards. But, it's great! All I need now is some clear contact paper.

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