Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a success, but not as planned

It started raining during our picnic, and the wind chill was too chilly for Rodgers and I, but we had fun on our V-Day picnic anyway. I've put pictures of it in my Picasa Web album called "Stillhouse" starting here. There are also some pictures from Christmas at Belton Dam (the other dam park) starting here.

Friday the 13th was pretty great. I love a good slasher movie. After the picnic, as we were drinking hot drinks and warming up, Rodgers said we should watch a romantic movie (which I really have none of), so we found one on Netflix "Watch Instantly." We wanted to do nothing and be lazy. So, as I am attempting to educate Rodgers on horror movies, we also watched the 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street (which is the only one available for watching instantly. I had not seen it before, but the consensus on Netflix reviews is that it is the worst of the Elm Street series.) and the original Dracula (which we both fell asleep during - not because it was boring but because it was naptime - but that was Sunday not V-Day).

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