Monday, December 15, 2008


Tomorrow will be a mess.

I start in-processing at Fort Hood at 7:45 am. To get on post, you have to have a valid pass.

I have one for my car, but, yesterday my car overheated in Brenham. (We think it was something wrong with the thermostat.) We let it cool and added some water to the radiator (because we had no coolant) but it was hot again after about half a mile. When we couldn't drive it to a mechanic, I remembered I have roadside assistance with my insurance, so we got it towed for free. Unfortunately, noone works on cars in Brenham on the weekend, so they won't even look at it till tomorrow.

Pam loaned us one of her cars so we could get back to Temple. Rod's driving that to his final tomorrow, and I'm driving Rod's car. I went to the visitor center at Ft. Hood to get a pass for his car, but they aren't opened on the weekends right now.

Visitor center opens at 7:30, and there is generally a line for getting a pass, so I'm going to have to get there early. Which means I have to leave even earlier.

And it's gonna be a long day.

Hopefully they will call me about my car tomorrow. Rodgers doesn't have anything he has to do Tuesday morning, so as long as they can fix it tomorrow, he'll drive down to Brenham after work tomorrow. Then he can leave Pam's car for her, bring my car back here, and be back in time for work Tuesday afternoon.

Kind of a mess. Hope it all works out.

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