Friday, October 10, 2008

something weird just happened

Today, I wore my pink top with my orange and brown skirt. I love wearing my orange and brown bead necklace with this outfit for two reasons. One, it matches the skirt. Two, it looks great with the pink top. But as I was fastening it, the string pulled loose from the clasp. The necklace fell off, all the beans scattering. I found most of them on the floor, one fell in my candle, a few landed on the dresser. I decided to wear my blue and brown necklace instead and thought no more of it.

So just now, I was stretching, thinking about taking a shower. The dogs slobbered all over me while I was watching The Office. Funny thing, now that they like me, they are incredibly obnoxious. They fight for attention, which results in drool and licking my arms. Ick. But anyway, as I was stretching my back, I put my hands on my waist, kind of towards my back, so I could stretch it well. I felt something on my back under my shirt. 

I freaked out for a second. How could something be under my shirt? What is it? Is it a bug? How could I not notice it there? How long has it been there?

Then, I did the logical thing and retrieved it. You guessed it: it was a bead from my orange and brown necklace. It had been there all day. Just hanging out. Inside my shirt. All day long. Weird.

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