Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have just had 2 very productive days in a row. It's amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I feel the need to tell the world.

Yesterday, I worked for 2 hours in the morning, then I drove down to Temple to have an interview. The interview was very short, but my first one since August. It made me feel like I'm progressing a little in the job hunt area. The interview seemed to be more like a screening process, which could be why it was so short. They will be having a second round of interviews next week, so I should know by Friday or Monday if I'm invited back or not.

I left there around 1:50 and called Rod to see if he was free or not. He had nothing to do between then and going to work, which starts at 2:45, so I drove to Belton. We sat in his car at a park by Nolan Creek while I ate the ham & cheese sandwich I had brought with me for lunch. The plan had been to eat it while driving, but I wasn't hungry till about 1, and then I was nearly to the place for the interview at 1:30...and just hadn't eaten lunch yet. So we talked and he watched me eat my lunch. Then he went to work.

A while back I received a UMHB Alumni benefits card. One such benefit is an alumni parking decal. I had never gone by the PD on campus to pick it up, so I decided to do that next. 

After that, I went to the Quix on 31st Street in Temple. I bought gas there on Sunday, with a car wash. However, the car wash was broken. So they told me the car wash would be fixed on Monday. We had entered the code for the car wash before realizing it was broken, but they said it would work once the thing was fixed. It didn't, so I had to go inside and get a new code, which they gave me no trouble about. Then I got my car washed, for the first time since I bought it...

Then, I drove over to The Bridge. When I got out of the car, I stuck the parking sticker to my newly-cleaned rear windshield. I had applied for an apartment online, but wanted to make sure everything was in order. I also had to pay the application fee and deposit. So we took care of all that. The only thing I need in order for the application to be fully processed is proof of employment or a co-signer. I'd prefer the proof of employment, so I'm holding out for that.

Then, I drove home, exhausted, and arrived at the time I usually arrive on a normal work day.

Today was also productive. I left work at 4:30 and went across the street to the Bob Duncan Center, where I voted, for the first time ever. It wasn't as scary or confusing as I thought it might be. There were about 20-30 people in line when I arrived, but it didn't take very long. I was done by 5.

Then, I went to my storage unit. I picked up my big suitcase so that I can pack all my clothes this weekend, when I leave Arlington for good , or at least until I have to come back and collect all my stuff from the storage unit, when it's time to move into my apartment on November 8. I also decided to take all the crap that I had left right in front of the door, intending to donate to charity/thrift store. I loaded all that up, and took it over to Goodwill, which apparently has recently opened a drive-up, quick donation delivery on the back of the building. I don't remember seeing the sign for it before, and the sign implied that it was new. I gave them all that stuff and drove away feeling very accomplished.

Now there's plenty of room in the storage unit for all the furniture people are planning to give me and for the stuff that I'll have to take over there this weekend because everything I have in this room won't fit in my car all at once.

The end.

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