Sunday, February 10, 2008

bedtime story

Just found this fabulous bedtime story that was told to my roommate and me, via Yahoo! Messenger, while we lived on Doulos. To protect the innocent, we will use screen names rather than our actual names. rachet1282 is my roommate and me - you'll have to discern for yourselves which one of us was talking at what time. andy_hodges85 is the story teller. Sadly, I didn't copy the timestamps. It's so much better if you know how long it takes to get from one line to the next. I enjoy reading it again and again anyway. This is quite amusing...

andy_hodges85: Once upon a time.
rachet1282: good start
rachet1282: carry on
andy_hodges85: there was a little girl.
andy_hodges85: her name was called something,
rachet1282: that's a crappy name
rachet1282: i hope her parents were locked up for child abuser
andy_hodges85: hahaha i know i can't think of a name..
rachet1282: anyway, carry on
andy_hodges85: something lived in a small small village.
rachet1282: oooh
andy_hodges85: the village was called somewhere..
rachet1282: nice
andy_hodges85: because it was so small it was in the middle of somewhere..
rachet1282: but it's called somewhere
rachet1282: how can it be somewhere and in the middle of somewhere?
andy_hodges85: Good question.
andy_hodges85: any way..
andy_hodges85: Somewhere was a very nice place to live. many people would go there to visit and see the lovely flowers..
rachet1282: we like flowers
andy_hodges85: thats good..
andy_hodges85: something loved it when people came to the village becasue
andy_hodges85: they had lots and lots of money..
rachet1282: what a mercenary brat
andy_hodges85: hahahahahaha
andy_hodges85: and something was from a poor family..
rachet1282: how poor?
andy_hodges85: so poor there bank account was in the red..
rachet1282: so is mine
andy_hodges85: same here well if i had one i would be..
rachet1282: if you don't have one, you're not in the red dumbo
rachet1282: just broke
andy_hodges85: yeah..
rachet1282: or do you mean your pm account?
rachet1282: nevermind, back to the story
andy_hodges85: pm account..
andy_hodges85: Something had a flower shop hopeing the people would buy lovey flowers..
andy_hodges85: but one day no one came to the village.
andy_hodges85: are you a sleep yet
rachet1282: no
rachet1282: finish the story
rachet1282: i am in my jammies though
andy_hodges85: ok they lived happly ever after..
rachet1282: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
rachet1282: that's not the way it goes
andy_hodges85: ok one day no one came to the village..
andy_hodges85: and something started to cry.
rachet1282: what will she do?
rachet1282: [this was an emoticon-they didn't copy, it was probably nervously biting its fingernails]
andy_hodges85: something wanted to kill her self because she had no money at all.
andy_hodges85: then somebody walked in and said to something,
andy_hodges85: please don't kill yourself..
andy_hodges85: i can help you..
rachet1282: yea!!!!!!
andy_hodges85: she how you help me..
andy_hodges85: sorry that didn't make any sence
rachet1282: i know
andy_hodges85: she said how can you help me.
rachet1282: better
andy_hodges85: thanks.
andy_hodges85: he said ok let think..
rachet1282: i'm on pins and needles
andy_hodges85: hahahaha..
rachet1282: soooooooo??
andy_hodges85: in thinking..
andy_hodges85: ok
andy_hodges85: so he run away with me and leave this place behind you.
rachet1282: saucy
rachet1282: and? what did something do?
rachet1282: [this was an emoticon also]
andy_hodges85: but she NO i can't go. i like this place to much to leave it..
rachet1282: [this was an emoticon - imagine what face you would be making right now]
andy_hodges85: but afer a bit of talking they decied to get married and move away.
rachet1282: easily persuaded...
rachet1282: was somebody handsome?
rachet1282: it's important to know
andy_hodges85: somebody was ok looking he had a big spot on his head..
andy_hodges85: so big it was like haveing a second head.
rachet1282: [this was an emoticon-I think it was a disgusted face]
rachet1282: do you realize you've been telling this story for 38 minutes?
andy_hodges85: really thats crazy
rachet1282: ok, i'm ready for bed now
rachet1282: are they going to live happily ever after or what?
andy_hodges85: They live so happy together that something grew a big spot as well.
andy_hodges85: thats how happy they was,
rachet1282: ew...
rachet1282: i hope that doesn't happen to me
andy_hodges85: im sure it won't..
rachet1282: how do you know?
andy_hodges85: i don't know
rachet1282: great...
andy_hodges85: i mean i just do know..
rachet1282: by the way, is it the end yet? you have to say the end when it's the end.
rachet1282: ok
andy_hodges85: THE END

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  1. reminds me of a movie scene. But I can't, no really go ahead. MMMMOOOOOOLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!