Thursday, September 13, 2007

odd sensation

I'm just sitting in my bed this morning, drinking coffee, reading my Bible, checking my email, etc. It's my normal routine that I've established since I'm not able to work. Once I do get to start my job, my lazy mornings will be no more. As I'm not a morning person, lazy mornings are the best kind of mornings.

So, not doing anything out of the ordinary, I suddenly had this weird feeling. It felt like my bed was rocking back and forth. And I thought, 'Ah, it must be windy today.'

That might not sound logical to you. But, when I was living on a ship, if it was windy outside, it would rock the ship a bit, and my bed would move. So it was a logical deduction.

The weird thing is - why was my bed rocking? I'm in an apartment now, not a ship. I'm even on the first floor. My bed sits on a concrete foundation. Wind and waves should not affect me anymore.

Maybe I don't actually have my land legs - or whatever would apply to feeling like a bed is rocking when you're sitting on it - back yet.


  1. i miss you. and love you.

  2. That's weird. I had a weird thing on the same day. I joined a chamber of commerce for my company and she was saying we could offer discounts to other members. I said, "Uh, we're a hospice. I guess we could offer dying for less." Then I was telling someone about it and we started getting very random and it got a little out of hand. Reminded me of you. Stay RANDOM.