Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was a little reluctant to buy a car for myself. I need one. I live in Texas - this isn't the land of public transportation. But, I'm not at all sure what I'll be doing when my commitment with Wycliffe for this next year is over. If I were to buy myself a car, and then wind up not needing it anymore next year...then I have to sell it, I guess. But it seemed that the cars I would buy, that is, the cheap ones, wouldn't be worth anything when it came time for me to sell them. I don't know. It seemed like a lot of hassle and wasted money to me.

But then, I found out about some people who were going to spend this year in China and had a vehicle that they wanted to come back to. They wouldn't be driving it for a year. I needed something to drive for a year. A match made in Heaven!

It's a Toyota Tacoma. I never drove a pick up before. Of course, after I bought Penny (my old Saturn sedan), they had to do some work on her at the dealership, and let me drive a Trailblazer for 2 weeks. I'd never driven one of them before either. I nearly cried when I traded the Trailblazer back for Penny. I didn't have a name for the Trailblazer. I thought it would be Studmagnet, but even with that the boys still didn't come-a-runnin. I think I probably look pretty hot in the Tacoma though. Eventually, I'll get someone to take a picture of me in it.

I found a picture of one online that is pretty close to the one I'm driving. (I feel weird calling it "mine" because I don't own it.) So, here it is: the silver Toyota Tacoma, single cab. I'm sure the one I have isn't exactly like this one. Without having it in front of me to look at, I can't really tell what the differences are though. Besides the fact that the one in the picture doesn't have a bed cover and mine does. And my apartment (which I can call mine since I am paying for it) isn't pink, yellow, and blue, and doesn't have palm trees. My apartment is earth colors. The bottom part of the walls are rock. It's called The Canyons, so they make the building look not really like canyons but they would match or at least coordinate with the way a canyon would look.

I need a name for this truck. Not this one in the picture. This one that's sitting out in the parking lot by my building. Any suggestions?

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