Friday, August 10, 2007


[Some people are wondering about the twitching eel. We didn't actually eat it while it was twitching. It was cooking in front of us while it was twitching. Once it's cooked all the way through, the twitching stops. Quite convenient for eating! Here's a picture of it. Too bad you can't see it moving...]

I am FINALLY home!! I loooved my adventure and sailing the seas and all that, but it is sooooo gooooood to be home. Ah...

So many great things about being home. Food I was missing, dairy products, good water to wash my hair in (my hair was so icky on the ship it was like millions of tiny daggers, now it's soft, bouncy, shiny), my hair straightener, good sleep at night, and of course seeing all those people I love. That's not to say that I didn't love people on the ship. There are sooo many people from Doulos that I miss A LOT. A lot of them I'll probably never see again. It's very sad. Buuuut...not so sad that I regret coming home. I'm so glad to be home. Have I said that yet?


  1. Rachie!! We miss you! Come back to us! Life just keeps on moving...the Axis grows and shrinks (bye-bye Adam!), the freakin' kor...keep on coming, and my head continues to asplode. And yet, it's still fun and exciting nearly every day. Except that you're not here.

  2. I love you roomie!!