Sunday, August 19, 2007


Do you realize how happy I am to be having my own apartment again? Do you understand how huge this is? Huge in the sense that it's very important, and huge in the sense that, compared to having a 55 square foot cabin, an entire apartment, with multiple rooms, is very big. I signed my papers, got my keys, and started moving some stuff in this week. I'll start living there on a more permanent basis once I have my own wheels.

It's not all mine. I share the apartment with 2 other girls and one puppy! Yea!! I love puppies! So, here's some pictures:

my bedroom, with a great closet

the kitchen, where I can cook stuff

living rooms

and the puppy!! ooh, theres' my leg, too

So lately I've been trying to get my old domestic skills back. I've cooked some meals, run the dishwasher, and did laundry. All I haven't done yet is grocery shopping. I didn't like that before I left the real world,'s scary.

Also, there was a wedding a week ago. Here's a few pictures from that:

Claire, Matt, and the attendants

me and my bouquet of bluebonnets :D

at the rehearsal - my happiest moment... (yeah, I'm wearing a kimono - that's a Japanese dress/robe, not a sword.)


  1. your puppy looks AWESOME! we have 2 dogs, and they are big...i would love a little puppy. :)
    and you're apartment is cute. i hope you're getting settled. and if you don't want to grocery shop, call my fam'! mom and whitney both love to cook for people. :)

  2. Enjoy your apartment! I know you will have a blast with your roomies! Especially one of them. . . :) And, when did Claire get married! That's wonderful- I had no idea. Great pictures!! Blessings!! MC