Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the last can

of formula.

We opened the last can of formula today. With Ben turning 1 soon and eating so much real food, he doesn't need it anymore. He can get his nutrients from the dinner table, like the rest of us.

The end of formula seems like a milestone. It tells us that we (including Ben!) have survived babyhood. We breathe a sigh of relief while simultaneously bracing ourselves for the terrors of toddlerhood. We do try to keep our focus on saying "good riddance" to the hard parts of the previous phase, enjoying the fun parts of the current phase, and looking forward to the fun parts of the coming phase.

We're enjoying Ben's emerging goofy personality. We enjoy him learning to walk and communicate (he signs milk and eat, and he says Mama, Baba/Dada, yum, and Mammmmammmm-yuummmm-yummmm-yummm when he wants me to give him some more food, and he said "out" to get out of the buggy at the store today). We enjoy letting him try new foods, and almost every food is his favorite right now. We really enjoy seeing him play with big brother (Nate says, "That's my brudder!"). Their wrestling matches are a blast!

We are looking forward to Ben beginning to sleep through the night again (he hasn't recovered from that 9 month sleep regression). We are looking forward to him learning more words, becoming a steadier walker, learning to hold his own sippy cup (he thinks all cups work like straws). We're looking forward to him weaning from the paci - mostly because we keep losing them, and we'd prefer he stops using them because he's ready rather than because we lost the last one.

The only problem with the last can of formula is this: we had been going through 2 cans of formula per week. We have trash pickup twice a week. Empty formula cans made excellent food waste containers. Now what do we do with our food waste?

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