Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I can play with this?

When I tell Nate to stop doing something, he looks for something else he can do.

We have a gas stove, but there are no city gas lines to hook into. We don't have a large tank out back, either. The way we do it here is with a small canister right next to the stove. Typically people will have the gas canister in an outdoor closet opposite the wall where the stove is, but the owner of our house is using that closet for his own storage, so we have ours in the corner of the kitchen.

It makes fun sounds when tapped, so it is quite an undertaking to convince the boys to stop playing with it. It's not a safe toy!

I heard Nate playing with it the other day. Without looking, I called out to him to stop playing with the gas tank. I saw him walk over to the refrigerator, and he said, "I can play with this?" Then he kicked the fridge. Hard. With no shoes on. It hurt. He cried.

I had no idea he'd been banging on the gas canister with his toes!

The plus side: I don't need to worry about him kicking the refrigerator in the future.

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