Thursday, March 24, 2011

working mommy wednesday!

I stopped doing WMW for a few weeks (or a month or so) because I had started thinking I may never get a job again. But, I have one now! It's a temp job in customer service at a computer (hardware) company. Just two months for now. We'll see if it turns into something longer term.

Prompt #2- Make us laugh- one of your funniest memories to date.

This isn't one of my funniest memories, actually. So maybe I'm not following the prompt right. It's just that most of my funniest memories are dumb when they're typed out. But this is something that made me laugh recently.

Rodgers and I both have our own laptops. He sits in the big chair with his, and I lounge on the loveseat with mine. Sometimes we sit together, but we don't have a full sized sofa, so there's not really enough elbow room for us to both type if we're sitting next to each other.

The other day, Rodgers suddenly looked up from his laptop and asked me, "When are you due? Septemberish?"

I pretended to cry, "You don't know when I'm due! It's like you don't even know me!"

He said, "Hey. I'm not the one who's pregnant! I make people pregnant!"

I was laughing too hard to ask him who these people are.

[I was pleased, though, to hear that he finally agrees with me that I'm the one who's pregnant, not both of us. I think what made him change his mind was witnessing Nate's delivery.]

QOTW: I really can't think of anything tonight besides: I make people pregnant! It might be my new catch phrase.


  1. ha ha! my husband still has to check with me for the birthdays of our boys! let alone the wedding anniversary