Sunday, March 20, 2011

newborn amnesia

In the moments, I was sure that I would never forget Nate's early months. People always told me that I would, though. Of course, I wrote down his milestones and important things like that on his first year calendar and in his baby book.

The other day, Rodgers and I were talking about taking Nate to the zoo. Down here, we're having lots of warm weather and lots of fun afternoons in the park. He loves watching cats, dogs, and squirrels, so we think he'd enjoy the zoo now.

But then, I had a sudden brief memory of sitting at the zoo, eating lunch, with Nate in stroller. I had another flash of carrying him around the primate area, trying to get him to look at the monkeys because, as we know, he loves monkeys. But that was it.

When was this? Was he in the infant carrier in the stroller or just in the stroller itself? Why don't I take pictures of these things? (Well, I know the answer to that one. Either I forget my camera or I get too caught up in the moment to bring it out and take pictures.) Did I eat a corndog or a chicken sandwich? Was it a dream? Or did we really take Nate to the zoo as an infant?

I asked Rodgers. His response: I dunno. Maybe.

What else have I forgotten? Or, what else have I made up in my mind that didn't really happen?

QOTW: This is the famous Dead Sea Tupperware. Listen. [pfft!] Ah, still good!

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  1. Aladdin, beginning when peddler (voiced by robin Williams) is doing his spiel. Excellent movie....