Sunday, February 27, 2011

see 'n say

I don't remember if I had my own See 'n Say as a child, but I remember playing with them in church nurseries and possibly my grandmother's house. I remember one that was yellow, with a pull string:

from here [click]
...and a blue one with a lever:

from here [click]
I loved listening to the animal sounds. I can still hear in my memory, "Here is the coyote: ow--ow-ow-owoooooo!"

Nate has a new fangled See 'n Say. He also loves listening to the animal sounds. He hasn't quite figured out the lever himself, but he brings the See 'n Say to me so that I can make it work for him. He has this one:

(sort of, the pictures on his are different)
from here [click]

I like that is has 2 "pages." (The yellow part flips over to the other side, revealing more animals.) Nate likes it, too. He loves turning pages, so flipping back and forth between the 2 sides is one of his favorite parts. I also like the songs - one side plays Old McDonald (with animals and animal sounds from the See 'n Say) and the other plays The Farmer in the Dell. The quiz is fun, too, and when Nate figures out how to work the See 'n Say, I'm sure he'll enjoy that.

Here's my complaint:

Rather than having the same intro to each animal, it switches back and forth between "The [animal] says: [sound]" and "That's the [animal]. [sound]." Then it goes back to "The [animal] says: [sound]." Back and forth. Every other pull of the lever. Fine.

On the side not shown in the picture above, there is a bunny. What sound does a bunny make? I know what sound it makes when a labrador is eating it alive, but that's not really a cute sound for a children's toy. The sound they use is "boing, boing," like a hopping noise. Ok...

Here's the problem: if, for example, the previous animal was "The cat says: meow, meow," and then you play the bunny, it will say, "That's the bunny: boing, boing." But, if you play the bunny after it plays "That's the cat. meow, meow," it will say, "The bunny says: boing, boing."

No, it doesn't, See 'n Say. The bunny does not say, "boing." That is all.


  1. all that to say, "bunnies don't say boing!" you make me smile. you should write a complaint to the makers of it and tell them they're teaching our kids incorrect things. I'm sure they'll change it just for you and send you the new version.

  2. Actually, the sound of a bunny about to be eaten by 2 Labs would be quite instructive. I think that is the only sound I have ever heard a bunny make. My father tells the story of hunting rabbits one night with a spotlight. He saw the rabbit and shot at it. The rabbit jumped straight up and fell to the ground dead. When they went to pick it up, he found that he totally missed the shot. The rabbit died of fright. But it made the same sound that you heard with the Labs. Hmmm, that may be the only sound they make.