Wednesday, January 5, 2011

working mommy wednesday

Prompt #2: Biggest challenge of the new year.

I'm not ready to talk about it in detail on this blog yet, but my biggest challenge for the new year is huge. I mean HUGE. Not wanting to leave you too much in the dark, I give you a brief overview:

Rodgers and I have had a dream to start and run an orphanage in Kenya. They don't have the same kind of system that we do, where the state takes care of children when they lose their parents. It is expected that aunts, uncles, and grandparents will take the children in. However, there are many cases where there are no relatives, or at least there are none who can take care of the children. Maybe they have already adopted so many of their nieces, nephews, and grandchildren that they really can't handle any more. Or maybe all the relatives have died, or they have no contact with them. However it happens, children end up living in the streets. There are an estimated 250,000-300,000 street kids in Kenya. We want to help out a few of them.

We had been thinking that this project is years away, but it's becoming clear that 2011 is the year we get all the logistics worked out. Like I said, it is a huge challenge.


  1. Sounds interesting! Good Luck with whatever it is!

  2. Good luck wishing you the best in the new year

  3. That is quite a big challenge. May God bless you all through whatever this journey holds in store for you.

  4. I think that is an amazing project. Lots of luck to you!

  5. Wow! That is a huge project, I'll keep you in my prayers and my husband from Texas says "you go girl"!

  6. wow. good luck!! huge project but I'm sure you will be led and guided the entire way!! prayers!

  7. Hello Rachel
    I have found your blog through reading a friends from's Logos Hope. Anyway of the great pull to keep reading was the fact that I am South African and my husband is British so all the cross cultural stuff is so "close to home" to read. LOve all your honest thoughts etc.
    All the best in what God will lead you too.