Friday, January 14, 2011

baby books

Before Nate was born, I found a baby book (The New Baby's Baby Journal) to record his milestones and little tidbits about him as a baby. I purposely found one that was more fill-in-the-blank style. I have kept up with it, mostly. There is a page for every week of the first year, and some weeks I didn't really have anything to write. Sometimes I skip weeks, and try to remember later what happened. But also, there are pages for major events, some of which don't apply (first pet), and some things I wanted a page for but there wasn't one (dedication at church), but in the end, it's all kind of worked out. I still have to fill in the winter page, but I can't decide if I should do last winter or this one; the artsy outing page; walking/dancing/talking/singing; and the first birthday.

We also have a baby's first year calendar. This has helped with the weekly fill-ins. It's easy to jot things down on the day they happen. Then, I can go back and fill in the journal later.

But also, at one of his showers, we got a little scrapbook. It has cute paper and stickers and things to make it up as you go. Well that's a lot of work. I want to do something with it, but I haven't yet. I have the journal from his first year, so I don't think I need to fill it with baby things.

I am thinking, though, if we move overseas, like we plan to, maybe I can make this scrapbook into some kind of Texas picture book for him. I could put pictures of his Texas relatives, some Texas culture. OR, I could do that for half the book and do the other half with Kenyan family and Kenyan culture. Or maybe I can just make the whole thing family pictures. Or I can drag it out over the next 17 years as a Nate-grows-up book. So many options.

I really think that when he's 2-, 3-, 6-years old, he'd enjoy looking at pictures of his relatives who don't live in the same country as him. That's my favorite option so far. Any other ideas?


  1. Fill the scrapbook with pictures of Nate in important Texas places (eating BBQ, with different family members, Dr Pepper museum, Enchanted Rock, with alligators at Brazos Bend, with cows, at Blue Bell factory, etc.) to show him he's been in Texas after you've moved to Kenya.

  2. Trey, I thought you said "important" Texas places. I'm sure 'etc.' means: with a dead armadillo, with Maggie, fishing with Grandpa, on UMHB campus, playing piano with Gigi, eating Goldfish with his cousins?