Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stay-at-home-mom day

Nate puked twice yesterday. We were trying him out on a store brand formula that's comparable to Enfamil. He seemed to be adjusting well to it until Sunday morning. We're back on Good Start now. No saving money. His tummy is still a little sensitive, but otherwise he's doing great now. He's back to his cheerful, good-sleeping self.

But, regardless of how well he feels, since he puked yesterday he couldn't go to daycare today (they have a 24 hour rule). I stayed home with him rather than Rodgers because I have paid sick days and he doesn't. If he were still feeling bad, it would have been a rough day. But it was so much fun! I got things done, too. I straightened and dusted the living room and dining room (the daily chore for today). I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I did prep for tonight's dinner (but haven't made it yet), and steamed rice for tomorrow night's stirfry (the stirfry doesn't take long, but the rice is sloooooow). Also, I installed babyproofing things. We have outlet covers and cabinet latches. There is just one door giving me trouble, so I saved that one for Rodgers. We went to the church and picked up MasterLife books because Rodgers and I have decided to join the study that starts next month. Also, I spent hours playing with Nate, cuddling him, feeding him, etc. Rodgers was home for lunch, and we decided to order pizza since it's a treat kind of day. I almost wish Nate had puked today, just a little bit, so we could stay home tomorrow, too.

My happy boy, feeling good on Stay-At-Home-Mom Day.

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